Thursday, September 16, 2010


At first this video really freaked me out. Thoughts that came to mind were “oh no I’m being brain washed through this audio voice and what is this world coming to?” After listening on, I realized that Laurie Anderson was in a way touching on this. Through this video Laurie Anderson brings awareness to generations continuing to become more and more dependent upon technology and how this becomes more apparent within younger generations. The more familiar we become with technology the more we fuse together. Multiple forms of technology such as text, email, facebook, etc. become relied upon as we continue down this path of technological dependence. It keeps us at a safe distance from possible anxiety filled physical interactions but can hinder our ability to grow as characters in this world. Not only can our communication skills in person be affected tremendously but also real life experiences seem less encouraged when we can enjoy seeing someone else experience it for us on a screen.

When she talks about switching of the generations, in my opinion, it is more of an evolving that is taking place. Laurie brings this idea of becoming apart of an ever-going force toward the future by speaking with an audio sound system voice. It is almost as if she is projecting a front that she is a part of or wants to become a part of this technology enhanced generation, but does not understand how to be in it, or how to create a balance within it. I think that may also be apart of the reason for the awkwardness in the facial expressions and the eerie man voice.

Although the generational gap between her and the girl on the plane she was still able to communicate and in a way over come that gap by continuing to listen. Day by day all we can really do is keep growing and be willing to learn and keep an open mind. I’m not saying that it is necessary to become fully apart of every new generation but I do think it is practical to be aware of the changes happening so that we aren’t thrown off balance, or caught off guard by change. We have to keep moving forward otherwise where will we go?

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