Thursday, September 30, 2010

The First Church of Robotics

The First Church of Robotics

            For the past couple of decades, the thought of artificial intelligence has both fascinated and horrified the imaginations of techno-freaks in nearly every civilized corner of the world. Now, this phenomena is considered even by prominent technological institutions to be not only a possibility, but an inevitability…  The notion that our man-made objects of technology can achieve a sentient state of existence completely re-contextualizes the language in which we have built around digital communication itself. 

            Technology, by definition, is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes… a name for the things that we make our lives easier, or better, or more convenient… a service.  To think of the most sophisticated technologies, such as a machine that performs surgery, teaches, or recognizes face… Are these actualized representations of intelligence?  Yes, but only by the means of human extension.  Machines perform through algorithms which rely on statistics… to attach our creative selves (i.e. our ideas of things and how they fit together, i.e. how we fit together) to this method of communication can be horrifically counterintuitive.  Essentially, through the process of this state of mind, we are humanizing computers while we are dehumanizing each other.

Danger Will Robinson… There is no doubt that this subject affects a great deal of people.  It is important bare in mind that even if artificial intelligence is not actualized, the thought itself dramatically affects the ways in which we communicate.  This in turn guides the way see the world and therefore what we make of the world as a global community… or should I say a highly manipulated world wide web community.  
Arguments Stakes-

The issue is the substance.  The quantification of every thing’s things isolates the words that we use from the context and therefore the meaning behind those words.  We are not robots.  We are not to be enslaved by robots.  Don’t you agree?

            Modern technology is no stranger to the oppressive utility of systems, drawing invisible lines between the 1’s and 0’s in our lives.  Our language reflects this. LOL. Not funny.  Stupid.  Easy.  Lazy.  Are we really so willing to lose our own memories to the binary catalog? 

            Religion is also something that has been manipulated in order to suck the souls from the fearful, lazy, and apathetic for quite some time now.  How do these ideas effect the way we experience life and for that matter art?  Fitting… Our good shepherd, the infinite internet… are we to be merely ELECTRIC  SHEEP?

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