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It was a public art project designed to turn urban landscapes into peer to peer built recordings of local experiences. "Combining stickers, mobile phones and an international community, Yellow Arrow transforms the urban landscape into a "deep map" that expresses the personal histories and hidden secrets that live within our everyday spaces."

The idea is to give out or sell yellow stickers in the shape of arrows that people can stick anywhere, pointing to a paricular subject they were interested in. On each sticker is a unique number code. By sending a textmessage to the Yellow Arrow number starting with the number on the sticker, a person can attach their personal story to their arrow. The stories can be about anything, but Yellow Arrow hoped people will write about the places they had pointed to. With enough arrows in a city, this in turn will create a new urban map of the city that was baced on experiances rather than directions. Passers-by are be able to text message the arrows number to Yellow Arrow and recieve the attched story. They are also be able to add their own experience to the existing story.

This project is very similar to art projects the Surrealists International were doing in the 50s and 60s in France and other cities around Europe. The Surrealists were an avant-garde artist group that would use old maps, blue prints and areal photographs to composite new maps of the cities they lived in. they would wonder around the city randomly and record their paths, thoughts and experiences. The redefined cartography by creating maps "put the spectator at ease with a city of apparent disorder, exposing the strange logic that lay beneath its surface. The Situationist maps described an urban navigational system that operated independently of Paris's dominant patterns of circulation."

Projects like Yellow Arrow look to incorperate ordinary people and their experiances into a landscape that is often inpersonal and devoid of individual connections. We should be looking to create maps that "answer the question of 'what's it like?' rather than 'where is it?'... maps where scale and projection are no longer the key considerations. Through the web, we can deliver maps that inspire rather than simply inform."

internet shows

Shows made only for the internet are becoming more and more popular. Here is one of my favorite, Stiller and Meara. Its one of the funniest comedic couples ever, old, kind of senile, and talking about popular culture: its awesome.
you can only watch it on yahoo video and hulu, and each episode is only about 2 minutes long.

here is the link to one where jerry and meara discuss justin bieber:


stealth bot! only $149.95


"Easy To Use & Undetectable Total Computer Spying Tool Covertly Monitors Passwords, Chatting, Photos, Websites & More

Insert In USB, And In 5 Seconds Data Nano iBots Monitor All Computer Activity On ALL USER ACCOUNTS w/o Tell-Tale Hardware Left Behind

  • Covertly Record Everything A Person Does On A Computer
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** Must be logged into computer with installation rights prior to inserting device**

3 Easy Steps

  • Insert Into USB Of Any PC Or Laptop
  • In 5 Seconds - Nano iBots Attach To Windows To Begin Full Covert Monitoring - Remove USB
  • When Ready, Re-Insert Into USB to Retrieve Everything


  • 1 GB USB Flash Drive
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Stores Up To 10,000 Screenshots
  • Stores Virtually Infinite Amount Of Text
  • Remembers Visited Websites
  • Works with XP, Vista, Vista Sp1

**Legal Disclaimer: Only to be deployed on a computer that you own. Not Mac compatible. "

Customer Review:
5 out of 5
Caught Them! Red Handed!,
March 27, 2010
Pros: installation is simple, takes pics of screen
Cons: might find out more than what you want to know, the scary truth
"I bought it for my brother-in-law to catch what his child do when they are on the internet. One of them was writing dirty messages to friends, the other watching XXX stuff. They denied it, but of course he had the proof."

Dead Drops

Here's the link for the dead drops we talked about last Thursday