Wednesday, September 8, 2010

digital cal1 and resp0nse - an abstract

“The experts didn’t get it.” There is a funny comforting confidence in listening to someone that is certified to know what is going on… After all, no one likes to fuck up the hokey pokey. You know what happens when you fuck up the hokey pokey don’t you? What happens is a bunch of people acting like idiots point and laugh at you like you’re some kind of stupid idiot moron. Who wants to be some card played in a game with no end where nobody wins? Only feeling right when the finger taps the red so hard you can feel it in your seat... Yes, we are in the red. No, don’t leave me alone in the dark. Yes, I want to push the button.

The truth is that I HAVE lost my best friend. I still fill their seat like mitotic numbers by request of the almighty button to keep the status positive. Stuffing rabbits is a good way to prove that everything is going according to plan, on time, and pre-destined. Also, I no longer believe in God outside of the confines of religious definition. Can we please expedite this apocalypse… pretty please, with a shirley temple swimming pool at some third world beach resort on top of the world?

Any pole will do really; I’m versatile, doctors have even said that I could be considered to be the bipolar type… the normal kind of special person that takes pills that aren’t drugs to help me focus on the modern tasks at hand. Needless to say, I follow directions. Needless to say, I am a prime candidate for success. Someone take me away from this hellish place of obsolescence and give me candy like cool runnings.

There are no two ways about it; I hate the thought of IT. Haunting, the slow motion moments message prime. Please avoid being void of fear, full of everything. Everything is too much. Its simple… wake up, smell the sample, and go back to sleep. We aren’t there yet. Cuddle up to the split second comfort of a fearful idea. After all, thats what makes a house a home.

If you have forgotten the way, or have become frustrated with the way things work, it is time to build a new universe. First, give up. Second, follow the directions. When you have completed the first two steps, make sure to invite your friends. Thank you for your support. Your time, service, and money are greatly appreciated.

On second thought,

Planes, trains, and automobiles…

Is there no better way to remind us of our own mortality than an accident, a trip in the fall of a new dawn, sharp memories in the blur of trauma? Truth is immediate. A sudden connection to the unknown results in a greater sense of understanding through reaction. Protocol was never the issue, meaning, or reason. See what happens. First one, then another, as above, so below… a multi dimensional translation, order untamed, unplanned, unnamed… order perfect. It is a personal decision to participate in life itself. This results in the processes of overcoming life’s traumas that will in turn define who we are… together.



  2. dooood... 2 references to john candy and i didnt even know! thanks for reminding me that my sub-conscious still has my back.



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