Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yeks, I jumped in! My Essay

With lots of forethought and force, I keep myself frozen in place. Determined to show my willingness to engage even though I really don’t want too. It’s easy to be secretive with ones own writing but to provide it for global database for anyone to see, is another thing. However that isn’t what is keeping me from jumping in. The racing heart, nervous palms tell my mind I have billions of other things to do. It’s the face that we lives are split. We are more disconnected from one another while at the same time we are connected. Thanks to places like MySpace, Facebook, etc. Similar to what Laurie Anderson speaks. It’s “digital” baby. On again, off again. Connected to people through our devices yet we are home alone. There is less 1 on 1, friends who walk past each other on the street never to speak. Who is my friend in real life especially when the life I may live does not lend itself to the persona online. Yet, the fighting is useless. Spiraling into the future is all I can think when Anderson calls are attention to it…“We are all going down (pause) together”.

If you are unable to be in the present, we end up holding onto what has passed like shit. It’s the infliction of Anderson’s voice that speaks volumes. Redefining language, adding to it and taking from what we already know. It is the same your mood & your mode, our togetherness as we crash together while being alone. There isn’t a captain, remember? Our bodies are made up of currents and energy and we have power to set fire to the present that will enable the future and start to change the look of the past. Knowing only that to wrangle words to articulate growth, one has to be engaged in conversation outside of the cognation of the church. A great teacher said, “Speeches only reach the ones who already know about”. Life is in constant change. How do you go about what change and contribution you provide with it. Feel the age of electronic box currents rush over you.

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