Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I’ve been sitting here in front of my computer for an hour,
trying to figure out a “correct”/repesctable/appropiate way to begin this open essay. I’ve never been confident in my writing, or at least I don’t feel very confident about the way my words sound. I feel that this is the perfect venue for my run on sentence
tendency, which I honestly don’t quite understand; it’s just what
I’ve been told by tutors. Now that I have that out of the way, lets talk about Laurie Anderson’s “The Language of the Future”. For the first minute and a half I thought my computers sound had gone hay wire. The sound quality was not up to par with what I felt it
should have been, the woman’s voice was of lady like at al, instead it was demonic, it reminded me of the little girl from The Exorcist. I keep watching this video over
and over again, searching form some great meaning and I just can’t
figure it out. Maybe I should try harder. Laurie begins by talking about an attempted crash landing in a plane. At one point she says (in the pilots place) :
We are going down.
We are all going down, together.
I read this in an apocalyptic sense. Throughout her whole act she
refers to the digital age and technology (I think). I feel this way mostly
because of the sound quality, which is extremely and purposefully
altered, to sound digitalized. I will now back to my apocalyptic idea.
I feel that technology is generally feared to be the ultimate demise of
our future. Whether it be by super robots and computers like in The Terminator, or by our own hands, meaning: war and bombs.
I don’t think Laurie Anderson hates technology, she is clearly having
fun in her video and I’m sure she wouldn’t have much of a career
without it. I feel like everyone thinks that they should hate technology
and all that accompanies it, from ipods to facebook. Everyone talks
about how it’s soooo fucked up that people watch shows on MTV
and how Apple is slowly making us all slaves to their products, when
really we have the choice to buy and conform, or to “stay on the plane”.
I just almost figured out what she was talking about, I think.

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