Sunday, November 21, 2010

What You Should Be Doing

I know everybody has some time off for Thanksgiving, and I know many of you are using that time to work on other projects, but do be sure to devote some of your time this week to the Final. Choose the terms you will be defining, group them into the three categories that make sense for you. Allow yourself to think about these choices and tinker with them. No need to devote yourself immediately to the hard work -- but it would be wise for you to play around with the Project a bit in pockets of down-time. Jot down authors and titles and topics that occur to you as good places to turn to when you start searching for quotations. Think about how you might want to adapt the Final to your practice in some way, so that your synthesis of the course materials speaks more forcefully to your own work, your own place in the world, you own efforts to reconcile your history with your hopes. It's better to devote low-level effort and thought to the Project over a few weeks than try to generate the whole Project in one concentrated burst of attention the night before it is due, believe me!

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