Thursday, November 4, 2010


Colossus is a good example of the beginning stages of technological dependency. we have directed ourselves into a place of reliance upon technology to the point to where it almost seems impossible to imagine being without it. what i like about the movie is that it shows how fast an idea concerning technology can grow if it seems somewhat beneficial. the movie also does a great job of showing the dependency both humans and technology have on each other. for instance, i depend on my phone to keep in contact from a distance, and when my phone is being unreliable i freak out a bit.
a valid point made in the movie Colossus is the fact that we humans have made a decision to depend on technology because the risk vs the reward seems far less a concern. the machine in the movie presses the fact that we will be better off living with technology thn without it as long as we stay within the technical guidelines. a scary fact yes, but also seems very true. without humans technology would have no existence and without technology our lifestyle would not have been able to progress as much as it has.
in Colossus the machine is introduced as a helper/guider to assist, but soon becomes a controller. it's as if the machine became aware of the knowledge and power it was given.
we count on things we make to bring us joy in someway, we expect some kind of benefit. in the movie the trust the man has with the machine becomes unsure after a certain point. things begin to get a little too personal and intentions are questioned. i find it interesting how they kind of surrendered after the computer, i guess convinced them, that they would soon have to completely relay on technology in order to progress as a human race.
this movie Colossus reminds me of a question that i have had to answer too many times in art history classes, "does real life imitate art, or does art imitate real life?"
i think it's an infinite cycle of ideas that turn into art that then become a reality; because it works so well as a fiction, how could it not work as a reality, type thing.

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