Thursday, October 28, 2010

SAVE THE DAMN INTERNET, Net Neutrality by: rene lopez

Net Neutrality, what does it mean? Why should I care about it? What the hell is it? Well let me tell you what I’ve learned after reading the FAQ’s on “”. Basically Net Neutrality is the heavenly quality that the Internet is based on, it ensures that every website no matter how big or small, how rich or poor, how relevant or ridiculous have the right to share information. Net Neutrality is being targeted by big communication companies such as AT&T and Verizon because they to censor information and (big surprise here) MAKE MORE MONEY! How would they do that you say? EASY! They will make it so that websites would have to pay to be able to provide their information to you, they will also make it so that the website they favor (presumably ones related to their business partners) would load faster, and for an extra amount those websites the companies deem approved would be able to get onto a “fast lane” and load even quicker. How would that affect us? Well, it would basically censor the information we receive from our favorite blogs, pod casts and other kinds of websites that are run by people and not companies, it would make general internet use crazy slow and would make it hard and even impossible to get information from certain websites (namely, the competitors of the communication company hat owns the internet service you are using) . So you might say “ well, I’ve heard that Facebook was supposed to start charging people to use it and that hasn’t happened so is this Internet thing just hogwash too?” The answer to that is NO, its not just hogwash. Certain telemarketing CEO’s have let their plans and hopes of a internet in which they control the flow public. These shameless and greedy companies want to bastardize the last for of freedom and equality we have left. Who is for Net Neutrality? I thought you’d never ask, well, President Obama has been very vocal in his support for Net Neutrality, and ensures that he is extremely “committed”. Also leading Internet companies such as, EBay, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo are in support of Net Neutrality, for basic reasons. There is also one more person, a very important person who is for Net Neutrality (or should be at least), perhaps the most powerful of all YOU. Whenever you turn your computer on and type in the address of your favorite website, watch streaming videos of animals doing funny stuff, post a comment on your friends birthday pictures or even send an instant message, you are benefiting from Net Neutrality. It allows you to assume that you can visit any website you want. This is a topic that directly affects everyone and everything. Everyone should sign the petition at

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