Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ready to go to the moon?

Richard Branson builds 10,000 foot runway to take commercial space flight. Not so fast, Branson, you left out how much these "commercial flights" might cost. If you're mad because you have to pay more for baggage now, can you imagine how much a third bag might cost going to the moon!
pack a lunch, because airline food sucks.


  1. The "spaceport" is a crappy runway, the "spaceship" is a high-altitude aircraft that doesn't really go into space: so-called for-profit free-enterprise "space programs" are just amusement park rides futurologically hyped for suckers. If you want a real space program with real science and real exploration you need the state administration of public good.

  2. This is pretty darn cool though, if I do say so myself. Way better than I expected, nice to be surprised in a good way.


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