Monday, October 4, 2010

First person with an artificial heart

"It is powered through a plug positioned behind the left ear and connected to the battery that the patient holds on a belt and is charged during the night like a mobile phone."


  1. this is unbelieveable. it is just a matter of time before the first artifical brain install in a human.

  2. creepy. gross . totally awesome.
    ( to combine 70% of a valley girl's vocabulary at once.)

  3. I was just watching bi-centunall Man for the first time. This totally reminds of it, or is it the other way around. I think it's awesome however I doubt we will get to the leave of artifical brains anytime time so. The only things that rings a bell in my mind is what Dale said in class about people have to write that problem and we aren't perfect. To have something like a artificial brain, seems to be beyond are capabilities. Now that doesn't say that someone won't try. It's just seem totally WRONG!


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